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ActewAGL Meet the Music

Note – The Meet the Music program will cease to continue, however, we will be announcing a new education program very soon! Keep an eye out on our social media for the latest updates!


ActewAGL Meet the Music offers an inspired introduction to the world of orchestral music. This community-focused program brings ACT school students and teachers together with residents from local aged care facilities to Llewellyn Hall for a unique, behind-the-scenes experience of the Canberra Symphony Orchestra.

ActewAGL Meet the Music provides rare insights into the intense rehearsal process that transforms individual musicians into the harmonious symmetry of a symphony orchestra. Symphonic masterpieces that classical music lovers experience at CSO season concerts are presented in an accessible and entertaining environment, for an audience that is there to learn as much as to enjoy. This is a program for everyone from the seasoned concert-goer to the symphonic rookie.

ActewAGL Meet the Music is delivered free of charge with the generous support of ActewAGL to ACT school students, teachers and seniors.

ActewAGL Meet the Music on Nine News, Canberra