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Orchestral Operations Manager

Reports to the CEO
Full-time position (initial six-month contract)
Based in Canberra
Salary: $55,000–$75,000 (plus 10% super), commensurate with experience


The Canberra Symphony Orchestra (CSO) is a professional part-time orchestra that enriches and engages a wide audience through artistically vibrant musical experiences. The CSO presents classic and contemporary symphonic works and a diverse suite of chamber, ensemble and community programs. The professional orchestra of the nation’s capital, the CSO champions Australian composers and provides vital pathways for emerging artists.


Working to the CEO in collaboration with the Director, Artistic Planning and Engagement, the Orchestral Operations Manager is responsible for the scheduling, production and operational management of all CSO concerts to ensure live performances of the highest quality. The role responds to the expectations of the Chief Conductor and Artistic Director and the Director, Artistic Planning and Engagement, to ensure the success of the CSO’s multi-year artistic strategies.

This opportunity is suited to experienced applicants. Early career applicants with suitable orchestral background will also be considered and provided with appropriate training if required.

This is a full-time position based in Canberra. The initial contract will be six months in duration; an ongoing contract will be considered at the completion of the initial, six-month contract. 


In consultation with the CEO; the Chief Conductor and Artistic Director; and the Director, Artistic Planning and Engagement; the Orchestral Operations Manager is responsible for managing all aspects of orchestral performances, ensemble activity and music operational requirements, including but not limited to the following:

  • Coordinate and implement the delivery of CSO orchestral services, in accordance with the CSO’s artistic vision and annual programming as defined by the the Director, Artistic Planning and Engagement and endorsed by the CSO Board.
  • Ensure CSO best practice regarding the engagement, contractual arrangements and workplace conditions for CSO musicians for all performances, in accordance with the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) and Live Performance Award (LPA) where relevant.
  • Provide practical advice to the CEO, the Director, Artistic Planning and Engagement and external organisations regarding logistical requirements, venues and orchestral capacity in relation to all performances and commercial musical services.
  • Ensure seamless delivery of tasks according to schedule, logistics, budget and CSO objectives, working with relevant CSO staff and contractors.
  • Promote and sustain a positive working relationship with musicians, conductors, visiting artists, staff and stakeholders, underpinned by CSO values.

Orchestral and ensemble personnel 

  • Coordinate and administer all CSO musical activity according to the EBA, and responding to the expectations of the Chief Conductor and Artistic Director and the Director, Artistic Planning and Engagement.
  • Develop and maintain a database of musicians on behalf of the CSO for contracting and communication purposes.
  • Oversee the preparation and return of contracts of engagements and other administrative matters relating to players’ employment.
  • Schedule rehearsals in consultation with the Director, Artistic Planning and Engagement and Concertmaster to ensure efficient rehearsal within budgets.
  • Attend and supervise rehearsals and concerts, as required, including maintaining an attendance record for the purposes of payments and managing the process for musicians’ tickets. Attendance will require out-of-hours work, with discretionary time in lieu in consultation with the CEO.
  • Liaise with the Events Manager regarding travel and accommodation requirements for non-resident CSO musicians.


  • Ensure that acquisition and distribution of orchestral and ensemble parts to musicians is processed in a timely fashion.
  • Manage hire in and out of musical instruments.
  • Book performance venues in consultation with the Director, Artistic Planning and Engagement.
  • Manage CSO auditions in consultation with the artistic team, the Concertmaster and section leaders.
  • Supervise end-to-end staging and technical requirements at rehearsals and performances.
  • Serve as WHS and First Aid Officer for the CSO and ensure other current compliance policies are implemented.
  • Carry out other duties as directed by CEO and Director, Artistic Planning and Engagement.


  • Build positive relationships with musicians, conductors and visiting artists, and effectively communicate any relevant information to the CEO and the Director, Artistic Planning and Engagement.
  • Ensure relationships with venues and contractors is always professional and courteous, and accords with compliance policies and practices.
  • Network with other organisations to develop and augment the list of musicians required for the delivery of programs.
  • Work as part of the management team, communicating and collaborating with other staff and stakeholders while exercising discretion and sound judgement in all contexts.



  • CEO
  • Chief Conductor and Artistic Director
  • Guest conductors
  • Director, Artistic Planning and Engagement
  • Artistic Operations Coordinator
  • Events Manager
  • Communications and Marketing Manager
  • Finance team
  • CSO musicians


  • Networks of Australian music organisations
  • Local, national and international artists and agencies
  • Local and national music and cultural organisations and government agencies
  • Suppliers and contractors

To apply, provide a CV and one-page cover letter outlining your experience and suitability to the role to Rachel Thomas, CEO, via Applications will be considered on receipt.


There are no auditions scheduled at this time.

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