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CSO auditions

The Canberra Symphony Orchestra (CSO) is a professional part-time orchestra that brings together dedicated musicians from the Canberra region and further afield.

The CSO will run audio-only auditions in November 2020 – candidates will submit audio files only (no live auditions).

To apply, submit your audio files to by COB Friday 27 November, along with:

  • Full name
  • Postal address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Current CV

Excerpts for high and low horns were released a week later and will be due with the above information by COB Friday 4 December.


Candidates must not identify themselves on the audio files

  • First movement of the concerto (instrument specific) without cadenza (except horn), to be played without piano accompaniment and recorded in one take – no editing.
  • Orchestral excerpts, recorded in one take (in any order) – no editing.


VIOLIN Any Mozart concerto
VIOLA Stamitz concerto in D major op. 1 or  Hoffmeister concerto in D major
CELLO Haydn concerto in C major or D major
DOUBLE BASS Vanhal concerto in D major or Dittersdorf concerto No. 2 in D major
FLUTE Mozart concerto in G major
OBOE Mozart concerto in C major KV.314
CLARINET Mozart concerto
BASSOON Mozart concerto
HORN Low horn Mozart concerto No. 3 – First movement with cadenza
HORN High horn Mozart concerto No. 2 or 4 – First movement with cadenza
TRUMPET Haydn concerto
TROMBONE (TENOR) Weber Romance or David concertino
TROMBONE (BASS) Lebedev concerto
TUBA Vaughn Williams concerto
PERCUSSION No concerto required
HARP Handel concerto in B flat major

Orchestral excerpts

VIOLIN Orchestral excerpts – violin [PDF 1MB]
VIOLA Orchestral excerpts – viola [PDF 1MB]
CELLO Orchestral excerpts – cello [PDF 2MB]
DOUBLE BASS Orchestral excerpts – double bass [PDF 989KB]
FLUTE Orchestral excerpts – flute / piccolo [PDF 2MB]
OBOE Orchestral excerpts – oboe / cor anglais [PDF 2MB]
CLARINET Orchestral excerpts – clarinet / bass clarinet [PDF 1MB]
BASSOON Orchestral excerpts – bassoon [PDF 1MB]
HORN (HIGH) Orchestral excerpts – high horn [PDF 791KB]
HORN (LOW) Orchestral excerpts – low horn [PDF 827KB]
TRUMPET Orchestral excerpts – trumpet [PDF 170KB]
TROMBONE (TENOR) Orchestral excerpts – tenor trombone [PDF 891KB]
TROMBONE (BASS) Orchestral excerpts – bass trombone [PDF 810KB]
TUBA Orchestral excerpts – tuba [PDF 621KB]
PERCUSSION Orchestral excerpts – percussion [PDF 2MB]
HARP Orchestral excerpts – harp [PDF 2MB]

Please direct any enquiries to

Please note
To play with the CSO, you must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or have a valid visa to work in Australia.
Excerpts are provided for audition purposes only.