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Cancellation of CSO spring programming

Sadly, all CSO spring programming (September – November) has been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation in the ACT.

We have done everything in our power to ‘keep our doors open’ throughout the pandemic, with the support of Aspen Medical. While we hope the lockdown can be eased in coming weeks, we anticipate the reintroduction of venue density limits and patron caps and we do not believe these concerts can viably go ahead in the timeframe.

While this is deeply disappointing, especially for our musicians, we remain grateful for the tireless efforts of our healthcare workers and for the ongoing support of our audience.

The full list of cancelled spring programming includes:

Llewellyn Series

  • Llewellyn Three: Celestial Visions (15 / 16 Sep)
  • Llewellyn Four: Transformations (3 / 4 Nov)

Recital Series

  • Jayson Gillham in Recital (19 Sep)
  • Sally Walker in Recital (7 Nov)

Australian Series

  • Reclaiming the Night (18 Nov)

Chamber Classics

  • Old Friends (5 Sep)
  • Reimagined Winds (17 Oct)

Community programs scheduled within this period have also been cancelled, including Rediscovering Music sessions on 31 August and 16 November.

Ticket holders have been offered a full refund in accordance with the Live Performance Australia Ticketing Code of Practice. We encourage ticket holders to consider making a full or partial, tax-deductible donation of the value of their tickets. This support will make a tangible difference for the orchestra as we explore opportunities for virtual connection and music making in the coming months.

Please email us in the first instance as we are working remotely and processing a large volume of requests.

To make a full or partial, tax-deductible donation, please email and provide your full name, best contact number and the five-digit booking reference number on your tickets. Please specify the full amount you wish to donate.

To request a full refund, please email provide your full name, best contact number and the five-digit booking reference number on your tickets.

We hope the CSO Summer Prom, as an outdoor event, can go ahead in early December. This is something to look forward to; we encourage patrons to pre-book in case an audience cap is mandated.

Meanwhile, our 2022 season is just weeks away from release and we can’t wait to share it.

Take care,
The CSO team