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CSO Education

“Music education grows, hones and permanently improves neural networks like no other activity.”

Dr Anita Collins, Assistant Professor of Music Education at the University of Canberra

CSO Education

There is compelling research that links children’s educational outcomes with exposure to music; it has been proven that learning potential and social development are significantly improved with regular musical engagement. The Canberra Symphony Orchestra’s education program draws on this research to create a unique musical education experience for school-aged children.  Since 2007, over 60,000 school students in the ACT and region have participated in CSO education activities that are designed to support the Australian Curriculum and include comprehensive teaching materials to support and enhance students’ musical experiences.  CSO delivers our education programs free of charge to children and their teachers from the ACT and surrounding region.


If you’d like to know more about the CSO’s Education program, please contact us.

Eloise Fisher—Education

Tel: 6247 9191

Education Giving Circle

The CSO’s Education Giving Circle has been established to support the CSO’s Education activities. If you are interested in helping us connect young people with music, and perhaps inspire the next generation of musicians, please contact us.

Donations to the CSO’s Education Giving Circle are tax-deductable.


Louis Sharpe — Administrative Assistant
Tel: 02 6247 9191