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CSO for Teens

An exclusive behind the scenes orchestral experience.


CSO for Teens is a new extension program in 2019 for young musicians aged 14–18. Led by Dr Eloise Fisher, a Juilliard DMA graduate and experienced educator, this exclusive learning opportunity allows young music enthusiasts to examine classical music from a variety of perspectives; historical, theoretical, and practical, in an engaging and vibrant atmosphere. You don’t even have to play an instrument! Each session focuses on the music in the upcoming CSO concert, allowing participants to experience the music all the way through from preparation to live performance.

As part of the learning sessions, participants will meet members of the orchestra, have the opportunity to discuss the musician’s instrument and part in the upcoming concert, and may also be invited to attend a rehearsal, gaining an exclusive insight into the orchestral preparation process.

Free tickets to all four ActewAGL Llewellyn Series concerts are provided as part of the program.

Places for this premier education opportunity are limited.

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Important Information

Students do not need to audition and there are no formal pre-requisites; if you are a teen that is interested in experiencing the world of classical music you are welcome to participate.

Classes will take place in the Canberra Symphony Orchestra offices in Civic

Cost: $500

To apply:

Email to receive a link to an online application form and details regarding payment options.

Please note that places are limited and the first applicants to complete their application and payment will be accepted into the program.  Applicants waitlisted will be notified as to their status.


Tuesday 26/3/19, 5:30-7pm Session 1
Thursday 28/3/19, 5:30-7pm Session 2
Tuesday 2/4/19, 5:30-7pm Session 3 and opportunity to attend rehearsal
Wednesday 3/4/19 or Thursday 4/4/19, 7:30pm* Concert 1
Tuesday 11/6/19, 5:30-7pm Session 4
Thursday 13/6/19, 5:30-7pm Session 5
Tuesday 18/6/19, 5:30-7pm Session 6 and opportunity to attend rehearsal
Wednesday 19/6/19 or Thursday 20/6/19, 7:30pm* Concert 2
Tuesday 13/8/19, 5:30-7pm Session 7
Thursday 15/8/19, 5:30-7pm Session 8
Tuesday 20/8/19, 5:30-7pm Session 9 and opportunity to attend rehearsal
Wednesday 21/8/19 or Thursday 22/8/19, 7:30pm* Concert 3
Tuesday 15/10/19, 5:30-7pm Session 10
Thursday 17/10/19, 5:30-7pm Session 11
Tuesday 22/10/19, 5:30-7pm Session 12 and opportunity to attend rehearsal
Wednesday 23/10/19 or Thursday 24/10/19, 7:30pm* Concert 4

*Tickets to the ActewAGL Llewellyn Series concerts will be allocated for Wednesday or Thursday depending on the ticket office requirements.  Individual requests for a particular day will be taken into account and honoured wherever possible.