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CSO welcomes Dr Kim Cunio to the School of Music

Dr Kim Cunio appointed to Head of School at the ANU School of Music

Earlier this month, the ANU School of Music appointed Dr Kim Cunio to the role of Head of School after Prof Ken Lampl stood down to concentrate on his film work and to take a leadership role in screen music and culture at the ANU.

Kim studied with a number of Australia’s finest musicians including Australian composer Nigel Butterly, conductor and producer Eric Clapham, and Jazz guitar legend Ike Isaacs. Kim is also an accomplished researching composer and performer and was awarded an ABC Golden Manuscript Award in recognition of his work with traditional music.

Kim believes that music is a source for good in our lives and he has a passion to build a music school that is beloved by the ANU and the Canberra community. 

All of us, staff and students and friends, can all work together to imagine what music and music education will be for the next generation.” Dr Kim Cunio, Head of School, ANU School of Music

The CSO warmly welcomes Kim to the role and looks forward to working with him and the School of Music. 

Congratulations to the CSO on a fantastic season for 2019, and for playing such a part in bringing the finest music and musicians to Canberra for so many years. The ANU School of Music wishes you strength to strength and is excited to be renewing our work with Canberra’s premier orchestra.Dr Kim Cunio, Head of School, ANU School of Music

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