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Painting with Parkinson’s, October

Friday 19 October, 2018
Goodwin House, Ainslie. Activities Room, 2.00pm

Teresa Rabe Flute
Rachel Allen Clarinet
Alina Zamfir Viola
Sam Payne Cello
Julia Janiszewski Cello
Camilo González Guitar

The Sound of Colour – A concert featuring the premiere performance by CSO musicians of works by composer Camilo González, with artwork by participants of the Painting with Parkinson’s program.

This is a free event.

The Sound of Colour celebrates the role of music in therapeutic creative practice. The Canberra Symphony Orchestra and the art therapy group Painting with Parkinson’s have been collaborating for many years. Music in the Painting with Parkinson’s program produces a creative context for the participants, all of whom are in various states of neurological disability.

Music elicits vivid and highly subjective associations with colour, emotion and memory is an ideal catalyst for creative practice, particularly in an art therapeutic context. Along with the performance of González’s work a series of paintings will be exhibited to highlight the synergy between these two art forms.

Painting with Parkinson’s is recognised internationally as one of the most effective art therapy programs for people with Parkinson’s disease. It pairs musicians with painters in the serene settings of the National Botanic Gardens, and together they have formed a cohesive and powerful body of artwork. Painting with Parkinson’s has become a profoundly rewarding relationship between artists and musicians resulting in a positive impact on many people living with the disease. It has allowed participants to express themselves through art, in some cases for the first time. CSO musicians collaborate with Painting with Parkinson’s artists at regular sessions once a month throughout the year.

For more information contact Parkinson’s ACT on (02) 6290 1984, or visit the Painting With Parkinson’s website.



The Sound of Colour is a Mental Health Month ACT event. Painting with Parkinson’s is supported by Parkinson’s ACT.