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Recital two: Umberto Clerici

Sunday 14 May, 2017
Larry Sitsky Recital Room, ANU School of Music, 2.00pm


J.S. BACH: Suite for solo Cello No.4 in E flat Major BWV 1010
Preludio—Allemanda—Corrente—Sarabanda—Bourrée  I  e II—Giga

Suite Cubed

Prelude J.S. BACH: Prelude from the 3rd Cello Suite in C major
HINDEMITH: Maessig Schnell: 2nd mov. of the Sonata for solo Cello
Courante LIGETI: Capriccio from Sonata for solo Cello Sarabande J.S. BACH: Sarabande from the 2nd Suite in D minor
Gavotte I and II
Gigue CASSADÒ: Intermezzo and Final Dance from the Spanish Suite for solo Cello (dedicated to Pablo Casals)

Italian born Umberto Clerici mastered his art with Mario Brunello and David Géringas.

In 2014, he was appointed Principal Cellist at the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and Cello Lecturer at Sydney University. Clerici’s cello was made in 1758 by Carlo Antonio Testore in Milan.

Umberto took inspiration for his cello program from the suite structure J.S. Bach created for solo cello, which was based on a sequence of six dances, each with different origins and characteristics, and alternating between slow and fast movements. Umberto has hand picked a collection of pieces that reference Bach’s historical dances while creating a more extreme and varied suite.

“[This cello] has a special soul, almost its own. What I find incredible of these old instruments is that they survived 250 years, the French Revolution and Napoleon, the world wars, the industrial revolution. And they are still here, capable of transporting us to other times and other dimensions.”

Umberto Clerici