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Strings in the Salon: Winter

Sunday 23 July, 2017
Monster Salon and Dining Rooms, NewActon, 1:00pm

Mozart, String Quintet in G minor, K516

Mozart’s G minor string quintet is hailed as one of the greatest chamber music works. From the restlessness of the opening movement, the beauty and sorrow of the slow movement and, in the end, the cheerfulness of the final movement.

Mozart liked the viola, with its deep tone and warm sound. His use of two violas in this work highlights the rich colours of this often maligned instrument.

Performed by the Canberra Symphony Orchestra with –

Barbara Jane Gilby, violin
Pip Thompson, violin
Lucy Carrigy-Ryan, viola
Sarah Zhu, viola
Patrick Suthers, cello.

for questions please contact Monster kitchen and bar on +61 2 6287 6287 or via email at

The Enlightenment period in France was the birthplace of the salon. These venues were the space in which forward thinking individuals of the day would come to socialise and share new ideas with one another. The air of cosmopolitan inspiration that was ripe at that time is captured by the CSO’s Strings in the Salon at the Monster Salon and Dining Rooms, where the artistry of gastronomy and symphonic music are entwined to create an atmosphere that could advance humankind, if only they could all fit in the venue!

Strings in the Salon is a seasonal performance by musicians from the Canberra Symphony Orchestra, whose song will fill the Monster Salon and Dining Rooms from 1pm until 3pm, summer through to spring. Your enjoyment of the afternoon is paramount, and to that end, you are invited to partake in Strings in the Salon in the way that suits you best. Feel like just a little enlightenment? Come just for the music and perhaps a cheeky drink. Want to expand your belly as well as your mind? Settle in for the afternoon and indulge in the two course meal that has been paired to go with the music and heighten your overall experience.