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Ginninderry and CSO: the Music in MY School program

As lead partners of the Music in MY School music education program, Ginninderry and Riverview Developments are delighted to be working closely with the CSO on our shared goal of building strong resilient communities.

Susan Davis, Ginninderry’s Community and Cultural Planning Manager said,“Before becoming involved we looked closely at the research undertaken by Dr. Anita Collins and recognised that this music program was quite unique in the way it was being developed and delivered. It was important to us that the delivery of the program included live performance rather than recorded music and already we can see the benefit of this approach. With the program now being accessed by schools in West Belconnen and Yass Valley in a meaningful and curriculum-aligned way we are confident that this investment in early childhood music education will reap rewards for all who come in contact with it and the wider community.”

The impetus for producing the video came about after members of the Ginninderry team attended the launch of the Music in My School program at Macquarie Primary.

“Seeing the reactions of the children as they brought a classic favourite; The Three Little Pigs to life with the talented CSO musicians, was such a wonderful experience and one that was well worth capturing. We hope the video will serve to educate and highlight the joy that music can bring and the positive impact it has on children and their education,”  said Niva Pryor, Ginninderry’s Marketing and Communications Manager.

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