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The Creation of the 2017 Brochure

_78a0247The 2017 Season brochure has received many compliments from those who have seen it, and so we thought we’d share the humble backstory to its creation.

The brochure was written, designed, edited, and printed right here in Canberra.  The biggest hurdle was getting quality photos of the soloists, especially as several of them were in Europe when we needed to take their photos.  Fortunately, we’re mates with a mate of a fantastic photographer named Sarah Walker, who was not only available for the local shoots, but was also travelling to Europe and offered to get the pictures we needed over there.  On top of being a wonderfully talented photographer, Sarah generously offered ‘mates-of-mates-rates’, which for a not-for-profit is an extremely valuable gesture. To create the intriguing and dynamic portraits for the ActewAGL Llewellyn Series and the Recital Series, Sarah used a simple white background and an overhead projector to throw different shapes and patterns on the soloists.  Watch a short interview with Sarah here.

dsc_3387The fluorescent images used for the Australian Series are the creative work of Canberra artist Tommy Balogh in collaboration with Gabriel Gaha, whose innovative painting techniques make the images appear from another world. Tommy and Gabriel have a passion for art and music, and so have gifted the CSO the use of these images for the 2017 Season.  Watch a short interview with Tommy here.

The photos in the brochure are from our creative Partner Martin Ollman, whom you may see capturing the energy and mood with his camera at our events from time to time, and from our archival library which was created by Lindi Heap photography.

The whole brochure was designed by Rachel Thomas who has worked with the CSO for over a decade, who says that this is one of the best brochures the CSO has ever produced.  In fact, uptake of the brochures has been so great that we’re down to our last box!  Most other years we have left-overs, which gives you some idea of the popularity of the 2017 Season.  Given the tiny budget we were able to spend, we’re thrilled with the response so far. The collaborative effort and the favours we received made it all possible, so it’s fair to say that it has been a total labour of love from all of those who contributed to its creation. We do hope you like it!

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